Constructive Eating

This is the first thing I have discovered short of duck tape and rope that gets my son to sit still & eat his food at the dinner table. The Constructive Eating Utensil Set is the perfect way to make dinnertime fun. Now instead of repeating "Sit down" and "Eat your dinner" I get to say things like "try using the Fork Lift to pick up those green beans" and "See if the Front Loader can scoop up your apple sauce". Don't knock it till you have tried it because I can promise you it works on my 3 year old. Dinner is now running a close second to playtime and my meal is finally enjoyable. The Constructive Eating Utensil Set is made without using lead, bpa, pvc, phthalates and is fully complaint with the CPSIA of 2008. So you can also feel good knowing that this toy like utensil set is perfectly safe to put in your little one's mouth. You can pick up your own set online at Constructive Eating and you should also check out their hot of the press Construction Plate.Best Blogger Tips

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