Movie Lust

Searching for the movie to go with your mood? Movie Lust by Maitland McDonagh has the answers. With over 1300 movie recommendations you are sure to find something that you enjoy. I love the unique topics like Back to the Beach and Zombie Stomp. You will get sucked in to this well written and intriguing book. I have discovered so may movies I never knew about because of it. It actually inspired me to start a movie night with my hubby in which we take turns picking a movie recommended by Movie Lust that we have not yet seen. Its a really cheap date night and we don't even need a sitter. I would venture to say that the recommendations in this book will make much better picks than those of the random guy at the rental counter. It's an easy & humorous read with it's short chapters and clever anecdotes. If you are a fellow movie lover or just want to increase your knowledge of films than pick up your copy of Movie Lust!Best Blogger Tips

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