Sunscreen has a tendency to make me breakout. Actually in all honestly lately I just seem to have the skin of a middle school child. I actually had a zit with another zit underneath it. Weird huh? Cosmedicine's Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment is the best of both worlds. It combines an SPF of 15 (UVA/UVB protection) with a fast acting acne fighting lotion. It works to eliminate the excess oils and other debris that your face accumulates throughout the day. The long lasting formula will battle acne all day long and at the end leave your skin healthier than before. Unlike other acne treatments this one will hydrate and soften your skin instead of leaving it dried out. I am already impressed with the way my skin looks and feels since using this lotion. My acne has shown a dramatic improvement and my skin feels so soft. It has even helped with redness. I always try to wear sunscreen everyday so I really love that Cosmedicine's Speedy Recovery Acne Treatment has it built in. Cosmedicine has a wonderful selection of skincare products and you can check them all out online!Best Blogger Tips

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