We have returned...

I just need a little space. I'm not talking about anything crazy, like a full day off. I mean the kind of space that most non-mommy adults take for granted. The kind everyone needs to stay sane. Is it too much to ask to use the potty without an audience? I would just like a full 5 minutes to use the toilet with the door closed and no screams or mysterious items being shoved underneath the door crack. I know these are the moments I am supposed to treasure because they will be over in the blink of the eye but I'm pretty sure I will never miss the fine art of timing my restroom habits to fit in during naptime and preschool.

It has been a long week with far too little space. I shouldn't complain because we are at the beach but wow - I need a vacation from this vacation! My hubby had to go to Charleston for work and we decided to tag along. I thought we had picked a winning hotel because it is on the beach. And in addition to being on the beach it is also the size of a cracker box. It has a queen bed and that pretty much takes up all the carpet space. This is actually a relief because the little bit of carpet exposed is pretty scary. All that aside the beach is beautiful! The boys both love it. Connor who was previously always scared of the beach is now plunging fearlessly into the waves. Jackson (this is his 1st trip to the beach) loves everything about it. He will actually crawl straight out into the ocean and laugh as the waves crash into his little body. He loves the feel of the rushing water on his toes and the gritty sand in his hands.

The problem with this trip is mommy is responsible for all the fun. Its a huge ordeal just getting to the beach. The swimsuits, the sunscreen, the beach toys, the towels, all the random stuff you have to try to lug down to the beach all the while carrying a heavy baby and trying to convince a 3 year old to wait for you. I never realized how annoying sand can be. It just gets everywhere. I forgot that even if I am sitting on a sand free towel my sweet little crawler will soon arrive with grit covered hands to rub allover my hair, face, body, and towel. Even if you manage to avoid that challenge at some point you will have to carry that sand soaked munchkin up to the hotel room. It's just so messy. My arms are tired and I am convinced that beach trips are only to be taken with 2 adults present.

Back to our room. It smells. It smells really odd in the bathroom. Perhaps it's because our wonderful housekeeping staff does not believe in taking out the garbage and we have 2 overflowing trash cans collecting yummy things like half eaten fruit and dirty diapers. Perhaps it's because for some reason our bathroom is a good 20 degrees hotter than the rest of our room. We would move the trash cans but our little crawler just loves to discover the treasures that are kept within it's wicker walls. The bathroom comes complete with one shower, no tub, that only the truly brave will use without wearing flip flops. My husband makes our son sit on a wash cloth when he is using the shower. We are not clean freaks. It is just a little scary in this bathroom....

Remember when I mentioned how Connor is scared to use the toilet because he saw a poster of a lobster emerging from a toilet at Red Lobster? We had pretty much conquered this fear with the help of lobster killer sprinkles (salt) in the toilet before use. I would just like to thank this wonderful hotel for bringing back his fear full force. Guess what Connor discovered behind the toilet? It wasn't a lobster but instead an adorable little crab, complete with a painted shell made to resemble Homer Simpson's face. Interesting. Now Connor is back to being convinced that the toilets are all full of lobsters and crabs just waiting to pinch his little man parts. I am struggling to convince him otherwise but since he saw the evidence...I have to agree that he might have a point.

My last interesting revelation from our little trip is that Connor speaks in his sleep. Quite loudly too. Last night he sat straight up and said "Would you like some cereal". While it's pretty humorous it has certainly made getting a good night's sleep next to impossible. I am eagerly awaiting tomorrow night when he will be sleeping in his own room. Memories....Best Blogger Tips

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