Diaper Dekor

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for creating a place to store my son's biohazard diapers that is both easy to use and not an eye sore. The Diaper Dekor looks like a sleek trash can and when you use it to store your soiled diapers it does the dirty work for you! It is completely hands free. You just step on the foot pedal and the lid pops open. You drop the diaper into the pail and that's it - your work is done! The unique design of the Diaper Dekor uses a rubber sealed trap door that truly keeps odors locked inside. It does it's magic without the need of batteries or even filters. Since it has been made using ABS plastic it is also odor resistant and you can use bleach to clean it without the fear of it turning yellow.

When the bag inside becomes full it takes only moments to change out. You just open the door and then use the built in cutter to slice the bag at the top and remove. Then you tie a knot in the bottom of the bag and it is ready to fill up again. I was really impressed with how easy the entire design of the Diaper Dekor is to use! There is no twisting or struggling to push the dirty diaper in. When I go to toss a dirty diaper I want to have as little contact with the diaper & the trash can as possible. Having the option to just step on a pedal & toss is wonderful! You will never have to stop using the Diaper Dekor either because it will make a great garbage can when you family has outgrown the need for diapers. I bet it would do a great job of sealing in the smelly kitchen odors too!It comes available in 3 different sizes and the large will actually hold 40 diapers (meaning you spend much less time taking out the garbage). You can find out more and learn where to buy your own Diaper Dekor here.Best Blogger Tips


Guest said...

Totally agree. I was told not to get a GENIE of sorts, but this was given to me. A fabulous product.

Amy O'Neal said...

I need one of these... we have two kids in diapers and we still put all the diaper is plastic grocery bags on our deck lol. Thanks for sharing such a great product!

Kristin said...

I can't wait to review mine! Seriously great product.

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