I hate when my children get sick. I know all parents hate when their kids get sick but I am completely terrified of stomach bugs. It actually traumatizes me. It's like a requirement that my children will get them when their father is out of town. I truly struggle to sleep at night in fear that I will wake up to one of them vomiting in their bed. I know - I am a "little" odd, but this is a phobia I have had since I was a little girl.

When I heard about Vidazorb's probiotic line I was intrigued. Taking their daily chewable supplements actually helps to build not only digestive health but also can help build up immunities. I will try anything that can help keep my family from getting sick. Once you have a child in preschool - it is amazing the gross sicknesses they carry home with them. Vidazorb is like eating several things of yogurt & fruits daily. Even better - if you take Vidazorb daily it can give you better skin and even help with your metabolism. Since Vidazorb has a shelf life of 2 years and doesn't require refrigeration it is easy to take with you wherever you go!

While Vidazorb is for adults - Belly Boost is the kid friendly version. It is also chewable and my son said it tasted "yummy". He is willing to eat it daily. He even reminds me to give it to him in the morning when I forget. I know that I feel healthier now that I have been using it daily and it appears my son is feeling pretty good too! You can find out more about Vidazorb and let your children explore the fun aspect of the Belly Boost with it's interactive Zorbee page by visiting Vidazorb online.Best Blogger Tips

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Caroline said...

Oh yay!! So glad to see that someone else has found out about this amazing probiotic! Our son, who is four, has suffered from severe food allergies and Eczema for...well, since he was a baby. It has been a long and frustrating road for our whole family. We have been to doctors, children's hospital, tried creams, meds and even several homeopathy remedies that have been suggested to us. We remained exhausted from itchy sleepless nights in hopes that someday we would find something that might solve his problem. We found it in this awesome product! He started on his Vidazorb chewables last October and has been pretty much cleared since then! He can now eat all kinds of foods that he was never able to have, and he looks and feels so much better. He is actually now sleeping through the night...what an answer to prayer! He chews on them like they are candy and now our whole family loves them since finding out how good they can be for anyone. They are great and I am so glad to see that the word is getting out on how much they can help :) Thank you, Caroline *mommy of two

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