Mama Om

Just in time for swimsuit summer I have stumbled upon a whimsical and unique company filled with beautiful clothing - Mama Om. This company strives to bring you not only eco-friendly clothing but also mother & daughter outfits. They aren't your usual cheesy matchy-matchy onsembles - they are really stylish and I would be proud to wear them with my daughter (if I ever have a little girl). The entire line is made to be extremely comfortable and the Beach Halter Dress I tried was definitely comfy. It was lightweight and extremely soft. The cut was very flattering and made the perfect swimsuit coverup.

I love the beautiful swimsuits in the Mama Om collection and I am also a huge fan of the dresses! The Bumbelina dress to your left is made with 100% organic pima cotton and it is also fairly traded. I really like the bow and the unusual color paring. The also have a very similar Bumble dress that Mommy can wear to match her little princess. The Bumble dress is also made using 100% organic pima cotton and the cut looks incredibly flattering. The two dresses are the same fabric and clearly are meant to go together but the combination of the two is not corny but instead really beautiful. I know if I get the chance to buy mother & daughter dresses Mama Om will be my first stop. They would be fabulous for Easter, weddings, birthdays, and summer parties!

Take a moment to visit Mama Om and see the beautiful collection of mom designed clothing. There are dresses, beachwear, tees and much more to choose from. I love to purchase from fellow mothers and companies that care about the environment - with Mama Om you get the best of both these worlds without compromising on quality or style!Best Blogger Tips

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