Sansa slotRadio Player

I have several mp3 players all suffering from the same syndrome - lack of music. It just takes me forever to load them up with songs that I like so I never get around to it and then I never use them. Sansa's new slotRadio Player is the perfect antidote to this struggle because it comes preloaded with a 1000 songs from the Billboard charts. Thus the instant you open it you are ready to listen. Easy as pie. The pre-loaded card divides your songs up into categories making it easy to find to find the song that suits your mood. I love that they have a category called chill out and another called workout. When you want to add more music to your collection you can purchase another card filled with more music. The cards come with little storage cases and just slide easily in & out of your player. Think of them as itty bitty cds that can hold a 1000 songs. You can get cards by genre - like country or Rock for only $40. Try downloading a 1000 itunes for $40 bucks. The player will last for 13 hours on a full charge and it also has an FM radio. One of my favorite features is the compact size and the integrated belt clip because it is a perfect workout companion (and a space saver in my bag). The slotRadio player even comes complete with a protective silicone sleeve making it way more durable than your average player. Since it doesn't have that many navigational buttons my 3 year old can operate it easily and I don't worry about him breaking anything. I love rap and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Hip Hop Card had removed the profanities from the rap songs so I could actually listen to them around my children. You can get the slotRadio player with a 1000 song card for only $99. Sounds like a perfect Mother's day gift if you ask me...Best Blogger Tips

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