Beware of lobsters!

Connor will no longer go to the bathroom without an audience. He isn't an exhibitionist. He is doing it out of fear. A fear that we can all thank Red Lobster for creating in his extremely imaginative head. Apparently yesterday at our Mother's Day lunch Connor saw a picture of a lobster emerging from the toilet. I wasn't lucky enough to get to see this wonderful piece of restaurant artwork. When we came home he was terrified of using the toilet because a lobster might poke it's little pincher up from his toilet cave and pinch him in his manly parts. Can we just take a moment to applaud Red Lobster? Scaring children back into their diapers. If it weren't for their insanely delicious cheesy biscuits I have the mind to go complain about the photo....or at least ask where I can get my own for our home restroom. It would be so much fun to sneak a toy lobster into the toilet before my child went to use it. Cruel - yes. Expensive therapy bills - yes. The power to create a lasting memory - priceless. My husband spent an hour trying to explain to Connor that lobsters needed salt water to survive and toilet water was "fresh" water so it wasn't possible. I can just see the frustration in his eyes were I to play this little prank and further confuse Connor about the differences between salt & "fresh" toilet water. I won't do it now but perhaps I will when Connor is old enough to see the humor and his dad is out of town. I can't really blame him for this fear. When I was younger I was convinced that some creature would come out of the drains at the bottom of the swimming pools. Honestly - they still kind of creep me out and I never saw an illustration of the boogie monster emerging from one of them. The next time you visit Red Lobster be on the look out for this "funny" artwork and please take a photo and email it to me. PLEASE. It is perfect for Connor's memory box.Best Blogger Tips

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