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I get stuck listening to lots of kid movies. Every time we are in the car I am hearing some annoying film with high squeaky kid voices and cheesy songs. I sometimes even get stuck watching them so many times that I have them memorized. Thank goodness for Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever! It has made the process of listening to a child's video enjoyable. First of all the music is wonderful. I enjoy singing along. It is peaceful, fun, and kinda reminds me of the Beatles! Secondly - there is basically no talking! No annoying dialogue for my son to quote repeatedly - just great tunes. Thirdly - my child loves the movie. The uniquely illustrated scenes correspond with the the songs and do an excellent job of engaging my child. He looks at it with as much enthusiam as his favorite book and my son REALLY loves books. Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever DVD even comes complete with a cd of the fun music. We even have a favorite song that we have to play at the house all the time - the Panther Stamps Pants is tons of fun to sing! I am a big fan of this one of a kind DVD and I hope it remains one of my son's favorites so that I can continue to enjoy it! You can watch some clips of it on the Gustafer Yellowgold website.

One lucky reader will win their own copy of this quality DVD. To enter to win visit Gustafer Yellowgold and watch a preview of one of their songs - then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is June 5th and as always you can double your winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby.

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