PodT Training

PodT Training has a collection of clothing for your child that suits their every mood. Their custom designed embroidered artwork highlights the various emotional states of your child. From 'Hap-pea' to 'Grumpea' and even to 'Slee-pea' you are sure to discover one that suits your little one. All of the designs from PodT Training are made on 100% cotton clothing. The end result is adorable outfits that are extremely comfortable. You'll discover lap tees, onesies, hats, raincoats, robes, dresses, and tanks in the collection. One thing that I really love about this unique company is the thought they put into the packaging. All of their products come packaged in round paper mache boxes with hand painted lids. These make perfect storage containers or a spot for your child to store their special things. My son loves boxes and I love that PodT Training was thoughtful enough to packaged their wonderful designs this way. The prices are reasonable and the clothing is well made. I am a huge fan of their raincoat - the back says 'drip -pea'! Too cute! You can view the full line and start filling up your shopping cart at PodT Training.Best Blogger Tips

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