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Beautiful. Gorgeous. Elegant. Chic. All that and more is what pops into my mind when I look at the bags from London based Alfonso de Nicola. Their Funky Mama bag is the perfect diaper bag. It's not too big, not too small, it's just right! The vivid designs are stylish and modern. I love that it you can easily wipe down the water resistant exterior to remove spots and stains - it will always look new. The most amazing thing about this bag is the inside. It unzips completely so that you can find everything you need very quickly. The inside also features compartments that let you organize your baby gear flawlessly. When you outgrow the need for a baby bag you can remove the compartments and it can easily double as a purse or laptop bag. It comes with a bottle holder, changing pad, and a dirty bag (for all those little surprise messes).
I am also loving Alfonso de Nicola's changing mats. They look like a stylish clutch instead of baby gear! They are made with water-resistant fabric and are easy to clean. They are available in 4 funky & fabulous fabrics! They would make a wonderful gift to any new mommy!

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erin said...

They also offer some substantial discounts for referrals. I may have to order myself one if I don't win.

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