It's that time of year again....school is almost out and while parents are silently screaming, the kids are getting really excited. It's time for fun in the sun and lots of sunscreen. KINeSYS has quality sunscreen for the entire family. Their kids sunscreen is gentle and non-irritating. It's also easy to apply thanks to their spray on bottles. It doesn't have parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles, nuts, nut oil, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sulphites or colourants. It's even fully recyclable. KINeSYS recently came out with a special kids sunscreen made just for little girls right down to it's bright pink spray bottle. What makes it different? It has a vanilla fragrance and added vitamin E. The sunscreens from KINeSYS are also water resistant, sweat resistant, oil free, acohol free, hypoallergenic, and even non-comedogenic. I feel very safe using this brand of sunscreen for my family! They also have a fragrance free formula that was very popular with my husband...I am partial to the vanilla fragrance myself. So get stocked up on KINeSYS sunscreen before the summer officially hits. Sunscreen is always a priority in our home since my husband had skin cancer. Protect your family and you might also prevent some wrinkles!Best Blogger Tips

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