My 3 year old is always attempting to use our remotes and it usually ends in chaos. We are in dire need of a system that doesn't require us to use 4 separate remote controls to watch tv & movies. He frequently wants to play a part of his video again & again. He also watches really short movies and wants to restart them as soon as they end. Don't get me wrong - I am mindful of what he is viewing but it would be nice to find a remote that he could operate. The vdobug is not only cute but it is really easy for a child to use. It takes only moments to program and then your child uses the buttons on the bug to navigate the DVD. Unlike your remote, this controller will only allow your child to skip chapters and to press play. There will be no accidental ejecting, pausing, or stopping followed by "MOM - IT'S NOT WORKING!". When you order your vdobug it even comes with a My Doggie DVD that corresponds with the pictures on the remote. You can swap out the pictures on the remote by opening the bug and changing out the graphic cards. My son quickly figured out that the pictures on the vdobug went along with the chapters on the My Doggie DVD. He loves having a remote that is just for him. Programming the vdobug is very quick & simple. It's like having a universal remote and you don't have to search for the codes to program it. We also tried programming the vdobug to turn on & off our son's tv and then to fast forward, rewind, and play his DVD. You can program it however you would like and then teach your child what color does what. It's very nice to be able to only give your child control of the functions you want them to be able to use and to not allow them to do other things (like turn up the volume). Other titles are soon to be appearing made especially to work with the vdobug so keep your eyes open for them!

You have the opportunity to win one of two vdobugs for your family. To enter to win visit vdobug and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is June 5th and it is open to everyone. As always you can double your winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby.

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