Greetings Earthling

I realize he is supposed to be saving the galaxy but he looks like a martian to me. This costume is about 2 sizes to big and pretty difficult to put on. I about fell over laughing when he walked into the room wearing it. He had discovered it and put it on all by himself. I love how his feet look like he is a bent up robot. When I was younger dressing up was one of my favorite things to do. We had a dress up box with old dance costumes and my mother's prom/bridesmaid dresses. I am starting to collect costumes for my boys to play in - no dresses - instead it will be filled with superhero attire, cowboys, indians, and alien wardrobes. Connor seems to enjoy wearing the costumes I have collected thus far. He has a pretty active imagination and the whole role playing thing is right up his alley. If only I could find a Woody costume in Jackson's size....Best Blogger Tips

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