South Africa has brought us the unique Bio-Oil which is quickly becoming well known for it's versatility. There is very little that this hard working oil can't help out with from stretch marks to dry skin. Bio-Oil delivers vitamins A & E along with essential oils like Lavender, Calendula, and Rosemary to your skin through Purcellin Oil. What is Purcellin Oil? It was inspired by the gland oil of ducks and it not only helps essential oils & vitamins to maintain their maximum benefits but it also creates a thin, non-greasy protective layer over your skin. The combination of Purcellin Oil in Bio-Oil has created an oil that can treat a multitude of skin concerns. It has helped to minimize scars & stretch marks, even skin tone, nourish aging skin, and lubricate dry skin. This preservative free formula can be used on any skin type and is one of those products that you will wind up addicted to. It just serves so many purposes. I love using it as soon as I step out of the shower because it really helps me lock in moisture and keeps my skin from getting flaky & dry. It has also helped with my stretch marks. This product is even safe to use during pregnancy and can help you prevent getting stretch marks in the first place. It has earned a spot as a Mother's Day pick for me because I think it is such a versatile and useful product no matter what age you are. It would make a really great gift especially if it came with the promise of a massage to rub it in!Best Blogger Tips

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