Barney - Let's Go On Vacation

School is almost out and it you are lucky you are soon to head on vacation! Barney's Let's Go On Vacation is the perfect DVD to get your child in the mood for an exciting summer trip. The musical adventure takes Barney and friends on a trip to Mexico. My son was singing and dancing with the video and really liked the part that taught him a mini Spanish lesson. He got the biggest kick out of trying to say words in Spanish. The 3 Spanish sing along songs were a huge hit with him - he wants to play that part over & over. Another cool feature that is included in the DVD is the option to pack a suitcase with Barney. It's a good way to make your child to feel involved with the characters and hopefully give them a starter course in packing their own suitcase!

As for this mom - it left me with an overwhelming desire to pack my bags and head south of the border. Until I have the luxury of doing so I will have to settle for chips, salsa and a margarita! You can purchase your own copy of Barney- Let's Go On Vacation online for as little as $9.99!Best Blogger Tips

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