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This little flyer is so much fun that my husband has somehow managed to beenap it from our son. Granted it is a little difficult for our three year old to control (although he does a surprisingly good job), it still amazes me how my hubby is the one playing with it at the park. I guess you never outgrow the fun of remote controlled toys. The Barry B. Benson remote controlled honeybee might look familiar to you because he is a bit of a celebrity. Perhaps you saw him in his debut film Bee Movie? He was the little flying bee had the voice of Jerry Seinfield. This cool toy actually flies by flapping his bee wings and he will dive, swoop, and soar through the sky. He is light weight and surprisingly durable. You can actually fly him indoors and even after all the nose dives we've dealt this little guy he's still flying strong. You plug him into the controller to charge him up and then he will fly for up to 10 minutes on a single charge. We recently took it on a picnic and then my husband kept flying the bee at his brother. He's brother flailed about shouting "bee, bee!" - it was really humorous watching fellow park goers reactions.

The controller has been designed to allow you to choose between expert or beginner mode. So when my son is playing with Barry we can make the buzzing process easier for him and my husband can boost his ego by setting it on expert. The high flyer even comes with replacement wings, tail propeller & tail ribbon just in case but we have yet to find a need for it. Our little Barry bee is still going strong. I think this is such a cool toy for the entire family to play with. My husband makes good evidence that it is not something your kids are likely to outgrow very quickly. You can check out the Wowwee website to see all of the cool flying toys they offer so if you aren't a big fan of bees you might want to check out the dragonflys, bats, fairies, butterflies, and even tinkerbell. You can also watch the short video below to see my hubby playing around with Barry.

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AJacobsen said...

This looks so fun!!

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