WowWee Alive Cubs

Connor has longed for one of these since he first saw the commercial on tv. He literally jumped for joy when he opened the box and pulled out his own Alive Lion Cub. So it is no surprise to me that he loves it - the surprise is that his baby brother loves it too. WowWee's Alive Cubs are life like and cuddly but they also appear to be alive. They actually have animated facial expressions and they make sounds in response to your touch. They have two touch sensors so you can trigger a response by petting their back or head. It's like your child has their very own baby pet to care for except it won't pee on your carpet. Connor has given his lion cub it's own special blanket & spot in his bed. He loves how the Lion Cub will purr and he will blink his eyes. The cubs even have a tilt sensor that reacts to be turned over repeatedly.

They have a cleverly disguised battery pack & power switch in the cub's belly. You can also control the volume by using the switch on the cub's ear. My favorite feature - the automatic sleep mode. If the cub is left alone for 5 minutes it will start to snore or purr and then after another 5 minutes alone it will turn itself off. I love it when toys are smart enough to conserve their own batteries.

You can choose from a lion, white tiger, panda, or polar bear cub. They will even arrive with their own personal adoption papers. This is such a cool toy, perfect for any animal lover. It's also very durable - between my two boys (one of which is very destructive) it has held strong and is still in good as new condition. You can see find out more by visiting the WowWee website. Check out the video below to see them in action and check out just how adorable they are!

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