Dragon Codex Novels

A New York Times bestseller - A Practical Guide to Dragons has recently released a whole series based on the popular book. Brass Dragon Codex & Green Dragon Codex are a perfect fit for fantasy fans. Each novel is about a different type of dragon and tells a captivating tale of the good & evil dragons. If you have an 8 -12 year old who likes anything to do with the mythical world of dragons - they will love this series. It's well written, engaging, and creates vivid imagery in your mind. I found myself surprisingly amused by the Practical Guide to Dragons, with it's beautiful illustrations and the creative way it made you feel as if you were reading a lost manuscript that revealed the truth about dragons. After reading this my bedtime stories have stepped it up a notch and I consider myself to be a bit of a dragon expert. Although the books are geared towards an 8 - 12 year old age bracket, I found that the original guide was appealing to my 3 and half year old too. Now he wants me to rent him some movies about dragons and he says that he needs a sword. You can learn more about the Dragon Codex collection at MirrorStone. Also check out The Practical Guide to Fairies for your little maiden.Best Blogger Tips

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