Barney: Once Upon A Dino Tale

What can I tell you about Barney: Once Upon a Dino Tale that will have you rushing to the video store to pick up a copy? Was it my favorite film? As far as Barney video selections it was very near the top...but in the eyes of my boyish 3 year old it ranked at the top of his movie list for a good month (a long time in preschooler days). I didn't expect him to go for something that seems so geared toward little girls but what I didn't realize is that this story would appeal to any sex. It is a combination of lots of fun fairy tales and not just the ones about princesses. Your child can enjoy Alice in Wonderland, the Fisherman & his wife, Cinderella, Princess Pumpernickel, the Emperor's Contest, and the Lion & the Mouse. One feature we loved about Barney: Once Upon a Dino Tale- it has an option to play back the catchy songs from the stories in the sing along jukebox. My son has way too much fun dancing around and singing to the music from this fun movie. It would make a cute little addition to your wee one's Easter Basket and right now you can pick one up from Amazon for only $7.49! Watch Barney: Once Upon a Dino Tale and see how your child becomes engaged in the humorous & sweet fairy tale fun!

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