Summer Soles

My shoes collection is like my version of collecting art. I treasure each and every pair. Summer Soles makes easy to use inserts for your shoes to keep them looking good and lasting as long as you want them to. Not only do they protect your shoes but they also keep your feet smelling nice and add softness to your shoes. Right now they have 3 gorgeous limited edition artist prints that you can use to add a little extra style to your shoes. They also offer lots of colors and even some fun animal prints. You can cut them to fit your shoes making them custom for you!

I had a pair of flip flops that I bought a year ago thinking they were practical & cute. Unfortunately the jelly style bottom and my sweaty feet made them impossible to walk in. I am not exaggerating - I was sliding all over the place and keeping them on was a challenge with a built in work out. Thus - they have been just chilling in my closet for a year. When I got my Summer Soles I used them to not only end the slip & slide but to give my flip flops a much needed face lift. When I get bored of this style it will only take me a few minutes to replace the sole with a different Summer Sole style and for only $8 a pair - it's way cheaper than buying new shoes all the time. So protect your soles with Summer Soles and with summer vastly approaching it's almost time to go sock less again.Best Blogger Tips

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