Living Proof - Get No Frizz

Even though I have naturally straight hair it has a constant urge to get frizzy. It just loves to look like I spent an hour in a steam room. Living Proof has fortunately created some products that will stop your frizzy hair in it's tracks and give you a little help keeping it straight. The technology used in these products is the first new frizz-taming technology used in 30 years. Thank goodness somebody realized it was time to develop something newer & better. It uses a molecule called PolyflouroEster to make a really tiny barrier on your hair, preventing the main causes of frizz because it keeps humidity from getting to your hair shaft and it also stops your hair from creating friction with your other hairs. I tried out the No Frizz Styling Spray & the No Frizz Styling Cream in the Straight Making formula. I was really impressed with the results - my hair did indeed stay frizz free and even continued to do so when it was rainy outside. Application is easy - you just apply to damp hair and comb through, then style as usual! I am also loving the unique bottles. Appearance isn't everything but the cool top to the spray will keep your kids from spritzing themselves and mess from getting into your travel bag. Have curly hair? Living Proof has not forgotten about you, they have a line of products for curly hair as well and it will keep you frizz free too. You can check out the full line at Living Proof.Best Blogger Tips

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