The title caught my interest. Poo-Pourri. I thought who wants poo scented potpourri? It sounded disgusting but it came wrapped in a cute little bottle and I was intrigued. What was Poo-Pourri? When I learned that the purpose of it is not to smell like poo but instead keep poo from smelling - I had to have it. I am a little odd in that I typically will only use my bathroom when I have to do #2. Even in my own home I prefer to do my business upstairs with the privacy of 3 closed doors to separate me from others. My main reasoning for avoiding the whole public potty thing is that I can't stand the thought of people smelling what I flushed away. It's embarrassing. I keep picturing people at a party walking out of the bathroom with disgust on their face and pointing at me. Poo-Pourri has conquered this fear for me. You simply spritz the toilet bowl before you go and then it's all natural secret formula creates a barrier blocking the odor from filling the room. It actually works. I keep one with in my purse now and I leave another in my guest bath. I' think this would make a hilarious gift for anyone and once they try it, others will thank you.

You can be one of 3 readers to win your own bottle of Poo-Pourri. To enter to win visit Poo-Pourri and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 9th at midnight EST.
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