Balboa Baby

Balboa Baby has two must haves when it comes to a new baby. Their Adjustable Sling is simple to use and will last you from birth to 25 lbs. It allows you to place your child in 5 different positions so it will really grow with your baby. There is no folding or wrapping involved. You place it over your shoulder and you are good to go. It has a deep pouch that your baby just fits right into and heavy duty nylon rings are easy to adjust to your desired fit. I found it to be extremely comfortable for both myself and my little one. The padded strap kept my shoulder & back from aching and the padded elastic trim keeps baby in place comfortably. Balboa Baby thoughtfully added a little pocket to the sling to store pacifiers or house keys during a walk (I put my cell phone there sometimes too). I use this all the time to get my chores done around the home or it's fantastic for running errands. You can even machine wash it when your baby spits up on it. It comes in a selection of 9 chic patterns & 2 solid colors so you can find something that suits your taste & lets you carry baby in style.

I am a big fan of nursing covers. They are such a smart way to make nursing more convenient for modest mommies. Balboa Baby has a fabulous nursing cover that has some thoughtful innovations that make it stand out from the average cover. First of all they have made it with a structured reinforced neckline so that it will keep the fabric away from your baby's face and allow you to see your child. It makes it easy to nurse discreetly while still keeping eye contact with your child. Lately I even use this when I am at home because my son is so easily distracted by everything without it. You can adjust the fit of your Balboa Nursing Cover easily because of the adjustable buckle on the strap. It even includes a handy pocket just like their sling. This is also machine washable and available in 10 gorgeous patterns. If you are planning to nurse your child - you need this product! I am very impressed with the quality & ease of use of both Balboa Baby products I tested. They are the perfect combination of comfort, softness, style, function, and durability. You can see the full selection & find the closet retailer by visiting Balboa Baby.Best Blogger Tips

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