Reinterpreting classic style to make it look modern enough for everyday wear, the collection of tops from Milalu had me from first glance. I am a firm believer in the concept of less is more and the simple elegance of the designs makes for some seriously cute kids clothing. The beauty of a really good tee or onesie is that you can pair it with anything. All of the clothing from Milalu is printed on American Apparel which means that it is American made and really comfy. I actually have a lot of American Apparel clothing in my wardrobe and I feel very confident purchasing the same for my children. I love the updated take on retro images like the gas pump which is fitting in more ways than one for my three year old. The tapestry design is so elegant for a little lady! Take a moment to find the design that fits your child and while you are there check out all the other great things Milalu has to offer from paper to some seriously beautiful aprons.

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