Zootie Patootie

Bringing legwarmers back and making it possible for boys to enjoy the fun too! Zootie Patootie has a fun, hip collection of products that can give your child's wardrobe an edge. Their onesies & unionsuits remind me of rock stars and retro tattoos. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the gorgeous hats with beautiful vibrant flowers. There is definitely something no matter what your taste. I am in love with the legwarmers! I really like the way Zootie Patootie has found a way to make them look cool and not like a flashdance flashback. You can chose between prepstar and rockstar designs but both categories are filled with great choices. I like that they have designs I wouldn't be embarrassed to put on my little boy. Now that he is crawling they are are so helpful at protecting his baby knees and they make diaper changing much easier. One really cool thing about their legwarmers is the they will fit most children up till 5 years - so one pair will last you a while and your kids can share the same pair. Visit Zootie Patootie and find everything you need to mix & match some super cool outfits for your children!Best Blogger Tips

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