So you might have read my previous post about the amazing indiDenim. This unique denim company actually lets you design your jeans the way you want them. They give you tons of options and the ordering process is extremely easy. I recently was given the opportunity to order my own pair of jeans from indiDenim. I could not wait to see how they would turn out!! I have struggled since having a baby to find a pair of jeans that actually flattered me. I have been wearing my pre-baby jeans and since they wouldn't zip or button I held them together with rubber bands around the button hole. Pretty cute huh? I had to be certain that all of my tops were long enough to cover my jeans secret and since they are so stinkin' tight they make my back bulge and my tummy poke out. You're probably thinking why didn't I just buy a pair of jeans that fit? I tried. I couldn't find anything that actually fit me. I have really skinny long legs and then the rest of me is pretty round. If the jeans fit me in the waist then they hung off my legs or were too short. Then by the slim chance they fit right in the legs and waist the rise was too low and looked unflattering to my post baby belly. I got so frustrated that I finally just gave up. There is nothing fun about being unable to find pants that make you look your best.

When indiDenim let me customize every aspect of my jeans from the back pockets to the inseam I was so curious to see if they would be the dream jeans that I have been looking for. They arrived pretty quickly and they were all that I had dreamed they would be!!! They fit my waist perfect and don't cause an unsightly bulge. The length actually covers my ankles even when I wear heels. They even fit my skinny legs without being too tight around my hips. Every time I put them on I not only feel really confident but I get so many compliments. They are couture jeans that are actually affordable and they are really comfy too. I wear mine pretty much every day. I would recommend these to any woman. It is so frustrating to search for the perfect pair of jeans and chances are you will never find them. With indiDenim you get the luxury of building the pair you have been searching for and you can do it from your couch. No dressing rooms and no bad lighting. Anyone who has ever purchased designer denim knows that the price indiDenim offers for your jeans is very reasonable and much less expensive than many brands you will find out there. Mother's Day is right around the corner and it might just be the perfect time to treat yourself to the ultimate in great jeans! Visit indiDenim today and start creating your own pair of pants that are one of a kind made custom for you!Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...

what material/wash did you choose, and what style, etc? I am contemplating ordering a pair and I really like the color of your denim!

Anonymous said...

I also had incredible luck with indidenim.com. I did have to use the re-order option, as the first pair was too small. It was WELL WORTH IT. I have a small waist and prominent butt and can't wear ANY jeans off the shelf! I ordered the Soma fit with Dhunga denim and a flare leg. I coudldn't be any happier!

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