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Wish you could decorate your walls without the hassle? Are you constantly changing the way you arrange your home? I get restless and my way of dealing with it is to change the layout of my house. Usually I just move the furniture around but now that I have discovered Butch & Harold I will be updating my walls regularly. Their unique wall stickrs take the work out of it. There is no need for glue, tape, nails, or hammers. You simply stick it to the wall and when you get bored peel it off and stick it somewhere else. It won't even remove your paint! Their selection of options that are made to display photos is such a great idea because you are always changing out photos. Families grow and change - this takes the pain out of changing out the pictures!

The wall behind my couch has been driving me crazy with it's dull nothing but I couldn't make up my mind. To buy enough frames to cover it would be way out of my budget - plus my husband was not crazy about me putting nails everywhere. Butch & Harold's Stickr Frames had my wall looking anything but boring and it only took me about 10 minutes to make it happen. No nails, no hassle and I can move it around when I decide the arrangement is a little uneven or would look better in my office. Butch & Harold also has cool stickr art that will instantly brighten up your decor and again whenever you feel like a change you can just peel it up and stick it someplace new! There is nothing in the store that costs more than $35 and that is hard to beat!

You have the chance to win a stickr train from Butch & Harold (the top picture). This is one of my favorite stickrs in their collection. It is so vivid & bright! Perfect for a child space and the way it holds your photos makes it special to your child. I would fill it with all different members of our family and have them wave like they are riding the train! Too cute! To enter to win visit Butch & Harold and then come back here and fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 28th and as always you can double your winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby!

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