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I am obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jeans. It is an quest that costs my husband way too much money and requires me spending lots of frustrating time in fitting rooms. Finding jeans that fit your body just right is pretty much impossible. In the event that the waist fits perfect they are usually too short or I hate the color/style. When I heard about indiDenim I just HAD to try it!

When you order a pair of jeans from indiDenim all of the control lies in your hands. I have never seen such a huge set of options when it comes to personalizing your pants. This is the same as getting your own couture creations and you can actually afford to do it. If you made a list of the sheer amount of jeans you have purchased and how unsatisfied you are with them - I gurantee the total would be far greater than the price of a pair of indiDenim. I have spent way more on just one pair of jeans and I rarely wear them because they are just not quite perfect.

When you order a pair of custom indiDenim you get to control every aspect:
  1. Cut - you get to pick between options like Slim fit, Relaxed fit, Trouser fit, and even Plus fit
  2. Fabric - you pick the fabric and the shade. You can choose a slight stretch, 100% cotton and a lightweight 100% cotton. They offer 13 different options to choose from.
  3. Details - This is where you get to start to really customize you jeans. Choose the rise, fly, the leg style, even the style of your bottom hem. Would you like a coin pocket? Which of the 9 back pocket shapes would you prefer? Pick from 29 different back pocket embelishments....even add your initials to the pocket to brand your jeans! Don't forget to decide if you want to have distressing on the edges/hem or if you would like hand sanding on the thighs. This is not even all of the options available when it comes to details!
  4. Measurements - Be sure that you pants actually fit your body just right. Share your height, weight, waist measurement, pant size, size category, and your inseam - my fellow tall ladies...the inseams go up to 40 inches! It asks questions about your body shape and the answers are easy thanks to the clear illustrations for each option. What is your stomach shape? Your waist? Your thighs? Your butt? You'll even get to share if your pants gap in the back and the typical fit of jeans on your waist.
With all of these options you are certain to create the pair of jeans you will never want to be without. I just ordered my indiDenim and I cannot wait to see what they look like when they arrive! I found the ordering process to be very clear and easy. All of the options were well explained and the vast majority included a picture. It only took me about 10 minutes to customize my jeans and the process was far from frustrating...for me it was very exciting! Stay tuned to hear my thoughts when they arrive complete with photos! Want to get your own now? Visit indiDenim and start designing your perfect jeans! Now might be a good time to tell your hubby this is what you want for Mother's Day!

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