"Danger" is his middle name

Connor is all boy. I always heard that phrase but I never truly understood it until meeting my son. He always wants to play in the dirt, be around anything with wheels, and he pretends to shot everything. I did not pose him for this picture - he just jumped on top of the 4 wheeler and announced he was batman. I must say he has good taste in superheroes! Connor will climb on anything. He climbs my window sills, my stair rails, the coffee table, shopping carts, shelves, the bottled water at walmart - it's pretty superhero that he hasn't broke anything yet because he is definitely pretty clumsy. He can knock over the same bottle of water 3 times during the course of one meal.....takes after his momma that way. I love you Connor - my little superhero!Best Blogger Tips

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craftylildevil said...

Would you believe that my silly sister (who is usually very sane otherwise) let my brother-in-law talk her into naming her son Tyson Danger. Yes. He truly can say "Danger is my middle name". (Rolling my eyes here) I love my family but that is just a little weird if you ask me! :)

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