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I am so in love with the cute creations at Canopy Cards! They have such a sweet, unique collection of items for gifts or your new baby. The Baby Love Letters are such a touching memento to create for your newborn child. Baby books frequently get forgotten and end up with only a few pages filled out. With the Baby Love Letters you simply write a little letter to your baby when you have a free moment or the card fits the occasion. Then you can seal it up in the adorable envelope and pass it to your child one day. I want to save my Baby Love Letters and give them to my son after his first child is born. I think it would be so neat for him to be able to read my thoughts when he was that age. The simplicity of the cards is oddly inspiring - for example one of them reads "crib notes (now you're sleeping though the night...)". That is the one I cannot wait to be able to fill out. Jackson PLEASE sleep through the night! Mommy is tired. Another card reads "knee glee (now that you're crawling)". Already past the baby stage? Buy one of these for your expectant friend. I promise - she will love it and you will get plenty of "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhss"!

After you have a baby you are bound to spend lots of time writing thank yous for all the cute swag you get...but it's actually baby's swag right? That's what I love most about the Baby Thank Yous With Jest from Canopy Cards - these cards actually sound like they came from baby. Shouldn't baby be the one saying thanks? They are witty and certain to stand apart from the typical thank you note. Plus for me having a cute card makes writing a thank you note a little less of a pain (being polite is time consuming). Here is a couple of the baby sayings you will find in this collection of unique cards:

"hate to brag, but i look seriously cute in these new threads you sent."

"i feel like i'm getting all the gifts and my parents are doing all the work."

"i'm drooling over what you gave me. okay sometimes i just do that. i still love what you gave me."

Check out all of the must-have, too-cute to pass up options at Canopy Cards!Best Blogger Tips

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