Be still my heart

We went to the park this weekend and it was really nice to just have some relaxing play time. The weather was perfect and we ending up having a picnic. The picnic was Connor's idea. He has recently become obsessed with eating outdoors. He likes to load up a cooler and sit in the backyard eating his picnic. If it makes him eat his lunch without my constant chorus of "sit down, eat your food, no- all of your food, sit down, no feet on the table, I MEAN IT SIT DOWN", it definitely works for me. I love the photo above. It is so rare to actually capture the moment in a photo (at least for me) but you can really see the love & happiness in their eyes. This is one of those moments that makes it all worthwhile. It is one of those moments that makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel so alive. Here's to a lifetime filled with those moments.Best Blogger Tips

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