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Barn Dandys has a wonderful collection of retro inspired products created with the motto "when you think like a child, magical things happen". I for one would have to agree because they certainly have a magical collection of products guaranteed to get your child's imagination turning. I love the vintage fabrics and the old fashioned appeal of the products. The cute lunchboxes with matching thermos deserve a place in your child's bookbag and the old fashioned appeal has proven to never go out of style.

You'll discover great options like sweet stuffed animals and dining sets, to bookbags and beach chairs. Some of my favorite items are the Treasure Desk (be sure to look at this cool product) - I can see my son hiding all of his favorite toys inside and also having a great time using it as a coloring surface! If you really want to make your little one jump up and down in delight, the teepees and tents are the way to go. Even as an adult those things appeal to me. There is something so fun about having your own special place and it can provide countless hours of pretend play. I love the vintage feel of Barn Dandy's teepees & tents - they would look cool in any room! I had the privilege of checking out one of the sleeping bags from Barn Dandys. It was the fabric that attracted me to it initially but when I saw it in person I was seriously impressed. This sleeping bag is super thick! It will not only keep your child warm but it will keep them comfortable as well. I am pretty sure it would be more comfy than an air mattress and in all honesty I have never seen a sleeping bag that was so well padded.

Everything at Barn Dandys is worth checking out and bookmarking for your next gift opportunity. The hardest part for me is picking which vintage fabric is my favorite! We are giving away the adorable sleeping bag you see below with the space print. This is such a great sleeping bag!! You can enter to win by visiting Barn Dandys and then filling out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 27th.

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tanyetta said...

I like:Treasure Desk - For all those special things we treasure as a child.

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