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I'd just like to say thank you to Grateful Thread for creating a cool guitar that not only doesn't require batteries but is also noise free & cannot be used as a weapon! My son visualizes himself as quite the rock star and in the past his "electric" guitars have been known to mysteriously disappear. It's not like I am hindering his musical ability - he isn't really playing them to begin with. He is simply pushing a button and playing the same pre-recorded LOUD chord over and over again. With the Guitar Softies from Grateful Thread I can still enjoy to front row concert seat but also keep my sanity. He can sing his little heart out and I will love that his preschooler notes are not being muffled by a horrific electronic toy. Toys that don't need batteries and require only imagination are a huge hit in my book! You can even use this rocking guitar softie as pillow decor when your child outgrows their imaginary rock star stage. So pull out the hair putty and get spiking - it's time for your child to get in touch with their inner rock star. Check out Grateful Thread and pick out the Guitar Softie that suits your little artist's personality. You can also enter to win your own Guitar Softie. Just visit Grateful Thread and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 27th.
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