iRobot - Roomba 560

I think I have always dreamed of having something that would do my housework for me without me having to lift a finger. Fortunately for me - iRobot has made this dream a reality with their Roomba series. They have actually created a line of vacuums that vacuum for you. We used the Roomba 560 and I am beyond impressed. It will clean 3 rooms on a single charge and this vacuum is thorough. It leaves no stone unturned and can even tell where the dirtier areas are and give them special attention. All those places you couldn't really get to before like under chairs and couches, the Roomba slides easily under and out the other side. It knows not to suck up things like cords and rug fringe. It would easily navigate over my computer power cord or escape from a tiny corner. I worried at first that the round design would make it difficult to get the dirt from the edges & corners of the room but it has an amazing little rotating brush that kind of flicks the dirt out of the hard to reach areas & into the suction of the vacuum. I am completely enamored with this device. I could watch it work for hours with an unending fascination at how it know to clean the area by the stairs but does it without tumbling down. It will even return to it's own base when it is time for a re-charge. Cleanup is a breeze because all you have to do is pull out the little drawer and dump the dirt into the garbage. No bags! It also comes complete with 2 Virtual Walls that when activated will keep the Roomba out of messy areas. My children are also quite amused with the Roomba. My 7 month old follows it wherever it goes with his eyes and tries to catch it when it approaches him. It creates a great peace of mind for me to know that all of the little dirt & debris that pile up through out the day are constantly sucked up & away from the mouth of my adventurous baby. When you have children in the put everything in the mouth stage - this is a God send. I love to turn it on a night and then awake to a freshly vacuumed home - it even handles the transition from my hardwoods to carpet to linoleum seamlessly. For the price it cannot be beat...now if only it could go up & down stairs!

Check out the video of it working in our messy abode:

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