What's a Baby Zabu?

New to the idea of a Baby Zabu? New moms or expectant mothers...familiarize yourself with this one because you are going to want to get one at your baby shower and everyone will be wanting to know more about it. This clever creation is full of useful purposes and it is incredibly cute! Basically a Baby Zabu is a playmat that is ultra thick & plush. However, unlike your usual playmat you can tie the sides together to form a boxed in play area perfect for naptime or for your baby that has just started to roll. You can also use it to line the inside of your pack-n-play to make it luxuriously comfortable for your baby. It even makes a fabulous travel bad because it rolls up compactly for easy & lightweight toting and it will line most hotel cribs (which they rarely have bumpers for). We take ours everywhere. It is great for the park, playdates, sleepovers at grandmas, and we use it daily for playtime at the house.

The Baby Zabu comes to you from Wagamama Baby, a company ran by a very creative mom! All of their products are crafted locally in the USA and sweat shop free. I love all of the adorable styles they offer the Baby Zabu in! They have 23 fun options to choose from and I can assure you that this is one baby product you will find yourself using again and again. Check out the video below to see it in use at our home!

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