Smart Quotes for Kids

There are so many boring and typical options when it comes to artwork for a child's room. It is really refreshing to see a new take on inspiring decor for the wall's of a youngster's abode. I love how Smart Quotes for Kids have welded contemporary & retro patterns with inspirational quotes from notable thinkers. My personal favorite is the canvas print to the left. It would actually work in more places than just a child's room...like my office! I think it is such a great idea to fill the walls around your child with thoughts & words that will create a can-do attitude and will hopefully keep them inspired. Plus the deep gallery wrapped frames give it a fresh modern look that is seldom found in the a kid's space...so take a moment to check out the full collection of stylish options for your home at Smart Quotes for Kids!

This is the canvas print in Jackson's room! It works really well with his little rain boots and adds some fun texture & color to his nursery shelves.
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