The Thilde line is created by Swedish design and the options available in this creative collection are full of style and imagination! The Thilde Elephant will grow with your child from birth into their toddler years. It's adorable stripes and soft body make it a cuddly option for your little one. The uniquely shaped tags found on the elephant's body are not only stimulating & fun for a baby to chew on but become educational as your child gets older because of the brightly colored numbers they display. You could easily use it for learning games simply by asking your child to find the number 2 or asking them which color the number 2 is on or even what part of the elephant the number 2 is on. So you can teach colors, numbers, and basic anatomy all with one cute elephant. Plus the high quality woven cotton & the durable taffetta labels make the Thilde elephant not only very safe but also built to last.

The Thilde collection has items ranging from decor, to toys, and even pacifiers. My favorite item is the Thilde Pocket. It is ingenious. This adorable pocket velcros to your crib and is covered with various bright pockets that you can fill will your child's favorite toys. It keeps them out of the crib at night but provides your little one with lots of entertainment options when they wake in the morning. It might just buy you a little extra sleep time in the morning and that alone is priceless. You can also use it to store baby's necessities when you have a newborn. Keep pacifiers, the nose bulb, lotion, basically whatever you would like at an easy reach and looking really cute. It can also be used long after your child outgrows the crib. You can attach it to a chair and store art supplies for your toddler. You can use it on the banister of the stairwell and fill one side with the items you don't want to forget to take with you and the other with items you need to take upstairs. I can't stop coming up with ideas and possibilities for this colorful little storage device. My baby loves trying to pull items from the various pockets. It really doesn't matter what toys I put in the pockets because for him the fun is in finding a way to free the toy from it's holder. The vivid colors and patterns are stimulating and visually interesting for him to look at as well! The 100% cotton fabric is even machine washable as well.

I am always intrigued by the unique designs and products developed in other countries. I just love the Thilde Collection and I am pretty sure if you take a moment to check out all that they have to offer you will have a hard time not adding something from their collection to yours. You can buy items for the collection at Huset.

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