Stafruit Banana Butter Creme Bath

What: Starfruit Banana Butter Creme Bath ($34)

Why: Add a little bit to running bath water and it will infuse the water provided massive moisture to your skin from organic shea butter and real fruit! The ingredients are organic, vegan & phthalate free.

Where: Bella Lucce

Wow: Think luxurious buttercream frosting melting into your hot bath and filling the room with a delicious smell. Now imagine how pampered you will feel as you relax into that bath and step out with silky skin.

Thoughts: This one was a favorite of 3 out of 5 testers. Not too shabby!
"I was amazed at how very little it took to make the bath become full of moisture. The scent is delightful and it will last you a while. Now it's hard for me to picture bath time without this luxury." (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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