Multiplication Rap

Multiplication is loads of fun....at least it is when you have rapping mice to teach you how. Why didn't they have this clever DVD when I was a kid? Instead I had a heavy textbook and a bored teacher. Rock N Learn has succeeded in creating yet another fun learning aid with Multiplication Rap. I actually found myself swaying to the funky beats and the songs have a strange power to make it into your memory. My 3 year old is just now learning to add 2 + 1 but he loves this video and I think that he is on his way to learning multiplication. After all, the times tables are really all about memorization. I love that this too-cool for school DVD finds a unique way to memorize 2 x 3 and so on! It kind of reminds me of a rap music video from the early 90's...think Beastie boys style. So let the hip hop hamster help your child learn his multiplication in a beat blasting way! You can also get the audio cd with a book so that the fun can be enjoyed even from your car. Check out Rock N Learn to see the wide range of fun learning tools they have available.

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