Seikisho Cool Cleansing Gel

What: Cool Cleansing Gel ($25)

Why: A great way to remove even the most stuck-on makeup. It goes on so smoothly and will leave your skin equally smooth. It even contains Chinese Quince Extract which will brighten, moisturize, and cleanse your skin!

Where: Sekkisei

Wow: It has a cooling - menthol like sensation that makes your face feel invigorated! It will also tighten your pores and promote blood circulation. Personally I just love how refreshing it feels!!

Thoughts: "It feels so nice on my skin. I really like how well it removes my makeup and that it does it so gently. My skin feels so soft after I use it!" (Ashley)

"It feels light and smells great. This is now my favorite cleanser!" (Lauren)Best Blogger Tips

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