Manganese Skin Brightening Serum

What: Manganese Skin Brightening Serum ($100)

Why: You simply apply this before your makeup or moisturizer and watch as it helps to fade your blotchiness or dark spots. It will not only improve the texture of your skin but it will also help reduce the appearance of your wrinkles! Overall your skin will look brighter, younger, and healthier!

Where: Neova

Wow: This formula is clinically proven to both defend against UV-induced photoaging and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation in only 12 weeks!

Thoughts: "When I saw the price I wondered could it possibly be that amazing? It IS that amazing. After only a few weeks of daily use my skin is so much more even and radiant. It will definitely be one of my must-have splurges!" (Hanna)Best Blogger Tips

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