Mint Marrakesh Black Soap Elixir

What: Mint Marrakesh Indigenous Black Soap Elixir ($18)

Why: Bubbly black body wash that kind of makes you think of tar but remarkably will help rid your body of black heads & acne. It also helps even out your skin. And with results like that - I could care less what color it is...

Where: Shea Terra Organics

Wow: This soap is made by members of the West African Yoruba Tribe. Descendants from Egypt, they have a reputation for their highly developed form of medicine. By getting Black soap through them you receive a product that is gentle, effective, and 100% natural.

Thoughts: "I really like the mint smell because to me, mint smells so clean. The dark color of the Elixir was a little strange at first but as soon as I used this creamy wash I liked it!" (Hanna)Best Blogger Tips

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