Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash

What: Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash ($10)

Why: This is gentle on the eyes thanks to the plant derived & sugar based formula. It's low pH level of 6.5-7 makes it safe for even the most sensitive skin. The two in one formula makes bath time simpler and saves you money.

Where: Weleda Baby

Wow: It is chemical free! Did you know that recent studies have shown that 1.4-dioxine is a petrochemical that causes cancer and is commonly used in baby products - this ingredient is rarely even displayed on labels and is not banned by the FDA. You can relax knowing that all Weleda products are free of this dangerous ingredient.

Thoughts: "I had no idea about the harmful ingredients hidden in so many baby products. I am reading the fine print from now on and choosing brands like Weleda that I know I can both trust and count on to put my baby's health first." (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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