When I heard about this fun idea at Ask Baby Kid I couldn't resist participating. It's always fun to see what other people are toting around in their diaper bags. So many people have great ideas that I have never though of so make sure to check out the other participants at Ask Baby Kid.

Currently I am not using a diaper bag but instead a ginormous handbag from Old Navy. I was actually pretty shocked to see all that I had inside when I started unloading everything to share with you. Check out the list yourself and if you have a moment please leave a comment and share what is in your diaper bag.
  • Diapers/wipes - well it wouldn't really be a diaper bag without them
  • Bosom Blanket - my must have nursing staple
  • Bib & baby spoon
  • 6 various teething toys
  • spare baby outfit
  • 6 pens
  • tissues
  • 2 red baby hats
  • red baby shoes
  • 3 packs of m&m's
  • cheese pretzels
  • 2 bottles of water
  • 2 things of chapstick
  • a perfume roller, mascara, lipgloss, and cream blush
  • iPod charger but no iPod...hmmm...where is my iPod?
  • Nintendo DS -this is mine not my son's - it is so fun & addiciting
  • a random piece of rope - I have no explanation for this
  • lots of trash but this did force me to clean it out
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