Valentine's Gift Guide

Don't forget your best buddy on Valentines! I absolutely love the Love Sucks candy basket to send to my single pals!

Although I'm not a huge fan of flowers due to the fact that they perish so quickly - these unique & beautiful arrangements should give you ample bragging rights on Valentines!

I can't resist giving my little ones a Valentine's gift because they are my little sweethearts (at least most of the time). I'm loving the cute PJs!

Men are always tough to shop for but these are a few of my favorites. You can actually create your own converse sneaker customized to your desires and personalized with your words - how cool would that be to give your main squeeze? Another great way to make the gift special are the customized car mats complete with a monogram. One last idea that would benefit you both is the massage candle which is created especially for pouring the hot wax and using it for a romantic massage.

Make your gifts personal from a customized board game, a one of a kind pop art starring your faces, or a sweet necklace to keep your love close at heart.

Bring back the romance on Valentines with great gift sets from Lush, beautiful lingerie, even chocolate body fondue.

The top 3 items on my Valentine's Wishlist....Pacifica Solid Perfume, a super comfy Nuddle Blanket and a calorie free spa dessert basket. What are your top three Valentine Gift Wishes?Best Blogger Tips


sara l. said...

My wishlist top 3 are the Nuddle Blanket, the Massage Candle, and the Sweethearts Apple! What an awesome guide...Thanks!

Chelsey said...

Great guidance!! Love all these wonderful valentines gift...

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