Nap + Cuddle = Nuddle

The Nuddle blanket is at the top of my list as a favorite gift! I am all about comfort and to me there is nothing more relaxing the snuggling up in a blanket. The Nuddle blanket is the perfect blanket. What is a Nuddle? Its the combination of nap and cuddle....at least that's how you get the name. The blanket itself is the ultimate in luxury.
  • It's not a wimpy blanket - the length will cover you from your neck to your tippy toes. Theres nothing worse to me in a blanket than not having enough coverage and you can rest assured that the Nuddle has got you covered
  • It's insanely soft - this luxurious blanket is made with ultra plush, ultra soft microfiber and it comes in latte or chocolate.
  • It's more than just a comfy cover - Somebody thought this one out when they created the extremely functional Nuddle. It has open slats for your arms allowing you to wear it like a robe or to cover up and have your arms free without sacrificing the comfort & warmth.
  • A built in handwarmer - There is actually a useful pocket for you to keep your hands tucked warmly inside. I also love to use it to store the remote or my cell phone.
  • Cozy toes - The Nuddle doesn't just care about your hands. It also has a pocket at the foot of the blanket to keep your tootsies in. I hate how my feet always seem to be slipping out of a blanket but with the Nuddle they are snug and frost free.
This celeb favorite (stars like Debra Messing & Angie Harmon are Nuddle owners) would make a perfect gift this Valentine's Day. Why not get something that you will use on a daily basis? I even wear mine when I get up in the morning and I'm getting ready (somehow it's easier to get out of bed when I still get to take comfort with me). Right now you can save 20% on all of your Valentines orders by entering the code COZY8 at the checkout line. Forward this on to your sweetie pie as a little hint hint, nudge nudge or if you've entered the stage we are at in our marriage - Just tell him what you want (everyone is happy this way). Visit Nuddle today to get one of your own.Best Blogger Tips

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Aimee said...

Okay, can I just say that I'm SO glad you posted this. My husband has been making fun of me ever since I asked for a Slanket for Christmas. Why is that so ridiculous to ask for??? Seriously. I sit in our freezing cold basement office working from home all day, every day...a slanket or a nuddle would be THE perfect gift!!! I'm gonna have to forward him the link to this post!! :o)

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