Stylish Mom Find - Suck it in. Suck it in.

Ok - it's true. I could really use some help hiding all that extra flab I have accumulated since having a baby. I complain a lot but I have yet to actually do anything to try and lose it. My diet is appalling and I think exercise is a curse word. I would appreciate any help I can get at looking fabulously skinny without actually having to work for it! I want to instantly inspire awe and confusion when people see me because they are thinking - "Didn't she just have a baby? She really lost that weight fast!" You have probably heard a lot of talk about Spanx. I know I had and I wondered can they really be as amazing as advertised? Are they actually worth the amount they cost? Will they hide the jiggle? Trust me on this one ladies- they are worth every cent.

They take a little effort to get into but once you slap on your Spanx all of your wobbly bits are safely tucked away (where does it actually go?). I love the Under the Heel Tight End Tights! I've always known that black tights can be a gal's bff when it comes to looking skinny but these are truly miracle workers and I love the under the heel look! They can really make a drab sweater dress look stylish! You can also wear them at your ankle making them the permanent replacement to your leggings. These powerful tights not only shape your legs but they flatten your tummy and smooth your rear!

My favorite way to feel skinny again is to use the Slim Cognito Seamless Shaping Body Suit. This thing is powerful. Thank goodness they thought to design it with a way to use the ladies room without removal because once you pull this bad boy on it is staying put. The suction power provided leaves me marveling in amazement. My stomach no longer has ripples or extra bulge. My bottom looks perfectly lifted and accented. My thighs no longer look dangerously wobbly. Wait - it even made my love handles disappear! Ladies - this will get you into your little black dress and make you feel confident enough to actually go out in it!

Spanx has a huge selection of helpful shaping & slimming products for getting your body looking a little more like you want it. No workout needed. Moms have enough on their plate already and Spanx is here to help you out!Best Blogger Tips

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