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As a mom, organization is my ally. When I enter the battlefield called motherhood - teaming up with organization can be a huge help. Corny analogy (I know), but there is a lot of truth to my cheesy statement. If I don't stay organized the whole unit can fall apart (sorry, just thought I might as well keep running with it!). Label Daddy can help you keep things more organized! All of their adorable labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and washer/dryer safe. Basically they are pretty indestructible.

Creating your labels is both simple & fun. Look at the label I created above - they even have a cupcake icon. I love anything cupcake! You might be thinking why should I label everything? I know who it belongs to. I have a few really good reasons why. In regards to children's clothing - they will leave it everywhere. Trust me on that. They will leave it on playdates, at restuarants, at preschool, even grandmas house - the labels make it easier to ensure that it comes back to you. Another reason to use these labels is for the laundry. My husband (while it is really sweet that he tries to help with the laundry) struggles deciphering a 3 year old and a 5 month old's clothing - thus I wind up looking all over both rooms for Connor's favorite tee. The labels are a big help to him. Here's a fun laundry idea (ok - I do know there is no such thing as fun & laudry for an adult) - have your preschooler or toddler sort the clothing by owner (this would be impossible without color coded labels) and then when it comes time to fold you can take each separate pile into the appropriate room. I'm not sure why but this does not seem like work to my 3 year old - he thinks it is a game and I will take whatever help I can get with a side of knowing he's not up to anything mischievous.

You can label toys - great for resolving fights between siblings and for keeping track of toys at playdates. It should also help stop that lying friend of your child that keeps trying to tell you that shiny new choo choo belongs to him. You can label sporting equipment (because most bats, balls, pads, and gloves look alike) and you can even label shoes. I like the label's for sippy cups and spoons because those always seem to get lost at school. This makes them easy to recognize by your toddler and his teacher. Have a child with an allergy? You can get labels stating allergy warnings and use them on your child's lunch to help avoid any confusion. Label Daddy also has cool items like picture stickers and address labels.

The prices are reasonable. The labels are adorable & custom to your desires. Best of all, these labels are tough and have yet to wear out on me. Check out Label Daddy to find the labels you need to aid in your fight to get organized. Maybe you will actually be able to make a sippy cup last a full week at preschool!Best Blogger Tips

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